Warm Hub Community Lunches 12-2pm

Please come along to one of our nutritious and tasty 2 course community lunches – when we re-open!

Dates: The lunches have been suspended owing to Corvid-19 and the government policy to deter the virus and ease the burden on the NHS.

Longhoughton Community and Sports Centre has been officially designated a Warm Hub by Community Action Northumberland (CAN). The Warm Hub project aims to support people, especially vulnerable and fuel-poor residents, living across rural Northumberland. Warm Hubs are places within the local community where people can be assured of finding a safe, warm and friendly environment in which to enjoy a healthy, good-value meal in the company of other people. Call 01665 572315 for further details or to book a place.

Read more at: https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/village-venue-earns-warm-hub-status-1-9030141