The Longhoughton Community Centre, conveniently accessible from Alnwick and nearby towns, presents an exceptional venue for an array of sporting activities. With our well maintained 3G floodlit pitch offering year round use, competitive pricing, convenient location, ample parking and commitment to excellence we offer a great sporting opportunities to enjoy various outdoor sports. Beyond football, our facilities cater to sports enthusiasts seeking professional-grade spaces for training sessions and recreational pursuits. Let’s take a look at just a few:

Hockey: Whether you’re regular player or trying the sport for the first time, our facilities provide an exceptional setting. Gather your fellow hockey enthusiasts, form a team and enjoy the fast-paced action and skillful play that hockey entails.

Rugby Training Sessions: Elevate your rugby training at Longhoughton Community Centre, leveraging our versatile artificial pitch for focused sessions. Our controlled environment allows for skill enhancement, refining passing techniques, tackling drills and fostering teamwork. Ideal for aspiring players and clubs seeking a reliable and conducive training space.

Ultimate Frisbee: Immerse yourself in the fun world of Ultimate Frisbee on our purpose-built artificial pitch. Assemble a team of like-minded players of all ages and indulge in this fun new sport that combines agility, strategy and precision throws. Our well-maintained surface ensures consistent gameplay, providing an exceptional experience for participants passionate about Ultimate Frisbee.

Multi-Sport Events: Longhoughton Community Centre stands as an ideal choice for hosting multi-sport events of various nature. From charity tournaments to school sports days and corporate team-building activities our great location, excellent facilities and attention to detail create an unforgettable backdrop for fostering healthy competition and a good time!

Additionally, at Longhoughton Community Centre, we are always open to exploring new sporting possibilities and expanding our offerings. If you have a passion for a sport that is not currently listed, we invite you to share your ideas and suggest another sporting use for our 3G pitch (drop us an email on the Contact page). We value the input and interests of our community members and we strive to accommodate diverse sporting preferences whenever feasible.